About me

Why I became a therapist…

I have had a passion for psychology and therapy since 2004 when, as a teacher, I first attended training put on by the Human Givens College. The clear, common-sense, practical knowledge that I started to learn, completely blew me away. From the beginning, I knew this was really important. I have heard the same comments so many times from many others who, like me, have started to learn about human givens principles, “how come we don’t already know this stuff?” and “this stuff should be taught in schools.”

The wealth of knowledge, understanding and practical skills contained within the human givens organising ideas not only leads to a highly effective model of therapy but can also help all of us gain a greater awareness of our own feelings, emotions, thoughts, words, actions and behaviour in our everyday lives. This increased awareness acts as a kind of vaccine, helping to inoculate us against the difficult times and challenges that life can throw at us. Viewed through the lens of human givens principles, psychological distress and seemingly irrational problems such as trauma, addiction, depression and phobias become understandable and treatable – usually a lot quicker than people believe possible.

I know that the human givens principles served me well as a teacher but I always felt a desire to use my training to help people directly overcome the psychological difficulties that can cause such distress and prevent us from leading fulfilling lives. Since 2004, I have witnessed so many times, the amazingly rapid improvements that people are able to make through human givens therapy. Regardless of the severity or the length of time that someone has been suffering, so many people are able to make huge leaps in a short space of time and get their lives working again. It is an enormous privilege to be entrusted with people’s innermost thoughts, fears and desires and incredibly rewarding to be able to help them move forward with their lives, empowered with new knowledge and skills and a renewed sense of self-belief, optimism and love of life.



My other passions…

I have ‘worn many hats’ in my life and I am able to use and draw upon all my knowledge, skills and life experience when helping people with their own life challenges.


I believe fundamentally in the importance of good parenting. As well as being a devoted husband and father of three wonderful children, I became, as a teacher, a specialist in working with children with challenging behaviour. I know how hard life can be for all parents, but especially for those with children who present difficult behaviour for whatever reason. It is enormously rewarding to be able to work with families and see their lives transformed as their children’s behaviour improves and a brighter future opens up for everyone concerned.

Exercise and Training

I have always been an outgoing person, always keen to embrace new experiences and live life to the full. I have always enjoyed games and exercise and tried my hand at a number of sports and activities over the years. In my early days I loved gymnastics; as well as dabbling in cricket and football, as I got older my preferred sport was rugby union; as a university student I practised and enjoyed yoga to a reasonable level; in my forties, I developed a passion for triathlon and have especially come to love the discipline of running. As an active member of the coaching team for Salford Harriers, I am able to help people with practical advice about exercise, training and optimum performance whatever level of ability they are at. My latest passion is indoor climbing (bouldering). I began in September 2022 and I can see myself continuing with this for many years to come. It is vital that we maintain strength and flexibility as we age and climbing is perfect for doing this. Also, my brief experience so far in this sport has shown me that the climbing community seems to be very welcoming, friendly, kind and inclusive. I find it is a great way to spend time with other people doing something healthy, challenging and fun.

Diet and Nutrition

I have always had a keen interest in optimum health, especially with regards diet and nutrition. The more research I do, the more I realise just how complicated the science of nutrition is. It is no surprise to me at all that so many people are confused by the conflicting advice we receive daily about what a healthy diet should look like. As there is a lot of disagreement amongst scientists on this issue, ultimately it comes down to deciding which sources of information we most trust. What I have come to realise is that, if we are truly interested in improving our chances of living healthily, we should be following the advice of experts who are trying to understand what a human diet should comprise. I am happy to pass on the names of the doctors, researchers and scientists that I have come to trust and what I have learned in my personal research along the way. For me, the most important tool in helping us follow a healthy diet and lifestyle is good quality information that makes sense to us. Only then, can we truly begin to understand what is healthy for us and what is not. Once we have a good understanding of the benefits and the consequences of our actions, it is easier to stay focused on making the choices that will give ourselves the best chance of achieving and maintaining optimal health for life.


I have dipped in and out of the practice of meditation for many years but, until 2022, never really had a firm idea of what I was trying to achieve or whether I was doing it right. I am now very clear on the importance of regular meditation, what we are aiming to achieve and how to do it well. It is now a discipline I enjoy explaining and teaching. Effective meditation practice can provide benefits to all of us if we understand what we are aiming for and are prepared to put the necessary time aside. Some of the benefits anybody can experience include: lower stress levels; enhanced feelings of well-being; greater productivity, creativity and focus; calmer and kinder relationships and interactions with others. When meditation is done particularly well, the effects can be life-changing and improvements in long-term health can be unbelievably huge. It is a real pleasure to help people understand how to meditate well and follow their journey of self-discovery and improvement.


I have always had a love of music. I have played trombone and guitar in bands, groups, and orchestras. I have sung and busked in many towns and cities and played in cafes in France when I was younger. I believe that all forms of art are important for helping us enjoy life more fully, but that music especially can play a special therapeutic role, giving us a lift and affecting our emotions in a positive way. For people who share this love, I can show how to use music in simple ways to boost and improve your mood, enabling you to reboot and refocus on those daily challenges that face us all.