Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

If you have heard that meditation is a highly effective way to lower stress, bring about calm and a sense of inner peace, bring about greater clarity; if you have tried meditation but felt unsure about what you were trying to achieve; or if you are curious about why and how to meditate effectively, then these classes are for you.

These meditation classes are designed to teach the science behind the most effective forms of meditation so that you understand clearly why it is important, how to do it properly and what you can expect to experience when you are getting it right.

Meditation that is done well will bring enormous lifelong benefits in terms of personal day-to-day well-being, improved productivity, interactions and relationships, as well as enhancing long-term health.

Each class will comprise of teaching and learning, followed by guided practice. (Times will vary according to need, age and ability.)

Meditation classes can be delivered to individuals, pairs, small or large groups and families. Recommended ages from 8 to 108!

Please contact Matthew for more information.