In general, we men are not great at asking for help when we need it and also not brilliant at saying the right things when someone we know is struggling. We tend to put on a brave face, try to shrug it off, keep it hidden and carry on as if everything is fine.

The fact is that, thanks to the emotional ignorance which pervades society, we are just as likely as women to suffer from a range of psychological problems but, for various reasons, don’t tend to seek help when we need it.

Whilst women are far more likely to try therapy, men try to ignore it or solve it on their own. This often results in problems getting worse, sometimes leading to the worst possible consequences.

It takes courage for us to accept and admit when we are struggling. Please, whatever may be troubling you, and however insignificant you think the issue may be, seek help now before things get worse.

The cost of some brief, solution-focused therapy could be the best investment you ever make.