The following testimonials – gratefully received – are from satisfied clients, happy with the improvements that have come about following our time working together.


I am so glad I made this step

I was recommended Matthew by a colleague of my mother after finding myself at the lowest I have ever been, I contacted Matthew and we got to work almost immediately, I am so glad I made this step.

My first session was difficult as I had to put everything on the table, topics that I was embarrassed about, experiences that I had never told anyone before. I immediately felt comfortable and that I was not being judged. I had done some things and made some poor decisions which led to me becoming socially isolated away from my friendship group.

The last year has been very challenging in my personal life and work life, I have struggled almost every day for a prolonged period of time. Mainly, feeling guilt and shame. Matthew has helped me begin to move on and realise that the past cannot change and that I need to start rebuilding my life.

I have recently taken advice from Matthew to reach out to my friends to enable myself to move on and take the necessary weight off of my shoulders. This wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t have done it without Matthew’s advice.

I am now a regular gym goer thanks to the words of wisdom from Matthew, the gym was my worst nightmare, but now I feel comfortable and confident in public situations. My overall diet and wellbeing have improved, and I am seeing improvements in my physical and mental health.

After having three sessions with Matthew, I am now starting to see differences, especially in my professional life.

I fully recommend anyone who thinks there isn’t a way out, to book a session with Matthew. He is very understanding and accommodating. I believe he has changed my life for the better, and I cannot thank him enough.

[Oliver, 25]


I now feel excited about life for the first time in years

I struggled with my mental health for years, from childhood trauma, lack of self confidence and feelings of worthlessness, being a textbook people-pleaser and overall not liking myself and not wanting to live my own life. 

Then at the start of this year losing a loved one and a relationship suddenly ending, it was safe to say I didn’t want to do life anymore. 

Then I met Matthew…

It was safe to say I was apprehensive about this process however Matthew within a few minutes into our first session put me at ease. 

Matthew has been sensational during my treatment, his understanding of my situation, his ability to teach me about my own thoughts and feelings whilst educating me with the tools for me to make the changes in my life I have needed to make, to live a healthier and happy life. 

I feel so lucky I have had the chance to meet Matthew and work with him, as I now feel excited about life for the first time in years…. which I never thought would be the case after the start of this year! 

Matthew quite simply you’re an amazing person with a unique gift and this experience has been amazing for me! 

I can’t thank you enough because you have given me the tools to do life! 

God bless you.

[Lewis, 30, HR, St Helens]


I have found an abundance of peace that I didn’t think was possible.

I am so grateful for the year of sessions that I’ve had with Matthew. The evening that I reached out to Matthew I was desperate for help, at my rock bottom and I was trying to pull myself out of a spiralling panic attack. In tears I tried my best to find some words to ask for help, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Matthew had a fantastic gentle approach that allowed me to open up. I was always listened to and really understood, nothing was too big or small to talk about. 

Matthew has supported me through toxic work environments, changing jobs, re-motivating myself, changing habits, investing in my health, coping with a medical diagnosis, he’s helped me understand my grief which has taken over 10 years to finally overcome. Matthew has helped me develop how I communicate and has helped me alleviate stress that was stopping my enjoyment in life. Matthew has even helped me to recovery swiftly from witnessing a serious traumatic event. 

I will be forever grateful and can’t recommend Matthew enough. I always thought therapy was crying on a sofa but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have learned so much from Matthew and have been given the tools to mentally support myself. 

Matthew has help me understand my emotions and regain control over them. He has helped me to understand my friends and family better and has hugely improved my relationships. 

I have found an abundance of peace that I didn’t think was possible. My health is improving, my relationships are developing, I’m painting more and most importantly I am happy.

[Female, 28, Manchester]


It scares me to think where we would have been without Matthew’s help.

A friend recommended Matthew to me because my wife and I were struggling to communicate and just not getting along. Privately we were both feeling doubtful about our future together and wondering whether we should stick with the relationship.

We are now both so glad we came to see Matthew. In just a couple of sessions we both feel completely differently and now feel certain we are in the right place. We still have occasional misunderstandings and differences but now we know how to deal with things calmly, sensitively and thoughtfully. It feels like we are on the same side again, working together. We have got our friendship and our love life back.
We were both very sceptical at first but now so glad we decided to give it a try. Matthew was so easy to talk to and seemed to understand completely what we were going through and what we needed to do to put things right. The way he explained everything made so much sense. We enjoyed the sessions so much we have both actually been back individually for a bit of help with our own personal issues. It scares me to think where we would have been without Matthew’s help.


I couldn’t recommend Matthew highly enough to anyone who is struggling with anything at all!! Thank you Matthew.


[James and Chloe, Wigan, Greater Manchester]


Matthew has helped me overall be a better person and get my life back on track.


I found Matthew after a search online and read about the type of therapy he uses. After a block of CBT sessions with someone else, which didn’t help me at all, I contacted Matthew and I am so glad I did.
When I first started my sessions with him I knew after my initial meeting that he was the therapist for me. I had a couple of sessions last year after I had a few issues in my relationship and that helped me feel ok. However, this year I needed his help again, so I began another block of sessions again.
This year has been very very challenging in my personal and work life, as a student midwife, mum to three children, trying to cope with the demands of working full-time and studying, then with my relationship being on the verge of breaking down. Matthew has really helped my life and mental health.
If I had not used his services I can almost guarantee I would not have completed my degree nor continued with my relationship. His therapy and support has enabled me to continue with my studies, to gain the clarity and head space I needed. He’s taught me how to believe in myself as a midwife and mother. And he has also acknowledged my past traumas and life experiences and helped me understand how to change my thinking. I was on the verge of giving up my career but our sessions together have made me realise who I am and why I do the job I do. He has also saved my relationship as he has guided me and my partner to better things, after previous toxic relationships.
Matthew has helped me overall be a better person and get my life back on track. I loved my weekly sessions with Matthew and after each session I’d feel calm, reconnected and ready to face any challenge. I will keep using Matthew’s services as and when I need it, and I have recommended him to others should they need his help. He is an expert in his field and he has a very calming, caring nature and friendly face. Just what I need when I’m having a rough day.
Thank you Matthew, you have helped me and my family massively.


[Anna, midwife, Greater Manchester]


 I was on high doses of medication but now I am completely off them


Since seeing Matthew, he’s massively helped me working on relaxing techniques for stress, health anxiety and depression and also shift my mindset to one that is more peaceful and happy.
When I first got in touch with Matthew I was on high doses of medication but now I am completely off them.
Couldn’t recommend Matthew enough.


[Tom, 23, Wigan]


 I am in a completely different place to when I first started seeing Matthew


I am actually still having sessions with Matthew but wanted to write a testimonial to share my experiences and hopefully encourage others who may be in the position that I was in. Whilst I know there is still some more work to do, I feel like I am in a completely different place to when I first started seeing Matthew.
I don’t think I even realised just how much anxiety I had when I first started having these sessions because for years I just thought it was normal. But eventually it reached a point where I knew it couldn’t go on like this any more. From the very first session, things started to make more sense and I came away feeling lighter and more optimistic each time. I was struggling with a mixture of health anxiety (even though I’m a nurse!!!) and intrusive thoughts and I was having some very dark days. We’ve processed a lot of stuff that I’d thought I’d got over from the past. I can now see how much impact some of those things from the past were having on my daily life.
I feel like I’ve got myself back. I feel normal and I love my life more than I ever have in the past. My relationships with my friends and family have even improved. I haven’t had neck pain or a migraine in ages. I no longer think about death and worry about being ill all the time. I still have some down days but generally I feel much more relaxed about things that would have stressed me out before.
We’ve had about a dozen sessions so far but now I can put more time between each session. I remember being nervous before the first session but now I always look forward to them because I know whatever we discuss I’m going to come out with more understanding and feeling better.
I fully recommend Matthew as a therapist. He is calm, confident and really knows what he is talking about. I always feel heard and understood and that I am in safe hands. It is so good to know he is there to help me when I need it.


[Ella, nurse, 38, North Manchester]


It’s unbelievable the difference those few sessions have made.


After years of poor communication and arguing with my husband I told him we either need to split up or get help. I searched for a therapist on Bark and Matthew responded. Neither me or my husband believed it would do much good but we felt we at least had to give it a try.
It’s unbelievable the difference those few sessions have made. It’s like we now know exactly how to communicate with each other properly and it just seems so ridiculous that we could ever end up arguing. Our only regret is that we didn’t seek help sooner, all those wasted years, but maybe that just had to be, maybe we had to get to our lowest point.
I’m so glad we found Matthew, he listened and explained everything so clearly, like he gave us a new set of rules to live by that now seem so obvious it feels strange we couldn’t see it for ourselves. We don’t just feel we got our relationship back, we feel like we both got our lives back.
Thank you so much Matthew, it’s been amazing.


[K and D, 47 and 49, Bolton, Greater Manchester]


I feel much better prepared for the future.


I came to see Matthew for help after my son had some health issues which I was struggling to cope with, along with all the other stresses of life.  He helped me to quickly tune in to the root causes of my pain and to make sense of it.  From this we were able to work on better ways of thinking and approaching life’s challenges in a more productive way.
I made quick progress with Matthew and although there is still plenty of work to be done, I feel much better prepared for the future.  He has given me a new perspective on many things, but especially around the subjects of disability and parenting.
I would recommend Matthew’s services to anyone who is finding life a challenge.


[R, Sales Manager, 42, Greater Manchester]


I felt a peace of mind I had not had for a very long time.


Matthew is a very nice person, friendly and professional. All of my issues were addressed methodically and rationally and after his treatment I felt a peace of mind I had not had for a very long time.
His words have stayed with me and I continue to benefit from them.
Thank you Matthew.


[Nicola, solicitor, Greater Manchester]


These thoughts and feelings Matthew has helped me with have honestly changed my life…


I want to thank Matthew so much for helping me completely change how I was seeing myself and the problems I was struggling with – and in only three sessions too!
He helped me get a completely new perspective on the toxic behaviour of my partner’s ex, so that it now no longer troubles me at all. This has also had a bigger impact on my relationships with other key people in my life.
He also helped me see how unhealthy experiences in my own upbringing were having a negative effect on my relationship with my partner and then impacting on how we were trying to parent together. I now have much more confidence that we are raising our children well and that we are providing the love they need to thrive. I was so scared that they would reject me one day but now I know we are building solid relationships that will last.
At the same time, he has helped me see and truly accept my qualities and the things that I am doing well. He has helped me see that I am a good human being, a good mum and a good partner and that I am nothing like my own mother. I now truly believe that I deserve happiness – this was definitely not the case before I met Matthew.
These thoughts and feelings Matthew has helped me with have honestly changed my life, and I think about certain sentences he said to me all of the time (especially when I have a little ‘dip’). Rather than self-sabotage and work myself further into misery, I now have the understanding and tools to keep myself on the right track.
It is also good to know that, if I am ever feeling lost again, I can get in touch and Matthew will help me find the way back.
Thanks once again Matthew. Really, thank you.


[Danielle, 28, Senior Service Advisor, St. Helens]


I think that seeing Matthew was the best decision ever!


I reached out to Matthew in order to fix a set of bad habits – too much time on the internet, procrastination, terrible sleep – that have been holding me back for many years, causing frustration and a sense of shame.

My previous attempts at finding a solution gave little results, so in the end I decided to see a professional.

I had three sessions with Matthew, and I enjoyed each and every one of them. He is a great guy, with a very positive attitude, and it is great to talk with him. He helped me understand my bad habits, break them down, and devise a plan to help me create a positive change.

I am in a much better place now, still learning and improving every day (changing habits takes time), but I am much more aware and gradually replacing bad habits with good ones. I am finally proud to see some good changes happening, and I think that seeing Matthew was the best decision ever! I highly recommend him.


[V., male, mid-thirties, engineer, Manchester]


I feel much happier in myself…


I sought out help from Matthew after having a couple of sessions with a different counsellor. I didn’t feel I was getting the help I needed from the other counsellor and I am so glad I changed. From the start I felt comfortable with Matthew. I particularly liked his honesty and integrity and I felt very confident he could help.
The main issue was to do with my marriage and how we were constantly arguing and at each other’s throats. Matthew’s no-nonsense, straight-forward approach showed me how I can think and do things differently. He explained in easy-to-understand terms what was going on with my thoughts and feelings and has helped me be more at peace, firstly with myself.
I feel much happier in myself and this has had knock-on effects with the marriage. I am much more confident that we can stay together and enjoy our lives together. It all happened a lot quicker than I thought – only four sessions.
I am very glad I chose to work with Matthew and very grateful for his genuine and sincere approach. Whatever you might be struggling with, I highly recommend his services.
[Andy, HGV driver, mid-fifties, Wigan]


Matthew helped me to understand and validate my feelings…

I went to Matthew to overcome some self-limiting beliefs that I knew were not serving me well and wanted to improve as I approached a new chapter in my life.
In particular understanding healthy boundaries and how to set them, how to be more confident in presenting my true self/needs and to gain tips for more fulfilling friendships and relationships.
In a very non-judgemental way, Matthew helped me to understand and validate my feelings and what was driving them.  We explored techniques for identifying my underlying fears and quietening the associated emotions to provide clarity of thought and develop conscious actions as opposed to just reactions.
I found the whole experience very positive and would recommend it to anyone struggling to make sense of their thoughts and feelings.

[Heather, Project Manager, Manchester]


I could never have done this by myself.

When I sought help I had an addiction that I’m too embarrassed to mention but I knew it was stopping me from being who I really am. When my partner and my family found out about my addiction my world came crashing down. Thank god I found Matthew because he helped me understand what was going on and made it seem so easy to get rid of the addiction – I could never have done this by myself. I never felt judged, he made me feel completely safe so I could open up and tell him things I have never told anyone else. The addiction was completely gone in two sessions and now he is helping me rebuild all the relationships that were affected. I am eternally grateful. I feel like I’m a better person than I have ever been and the future is bright. I fully recommend Matthew with anything that is troubling you. He seems to completely understand how you feel and he helps you gain a much better understanding of your thoughts and feelings that makes so much sense. I don’t know where I’d be without him. Every session has been an eye-opening experience and I come out on a high. I can’t thank you enough.

[Plasterer, mid-thirties, Wigan]


This has been a wonderful experience and worth every penny – I only wish I’d sought help sooner!

I eventually realised that I was struggling too much with my thoughts and feelings and took the plunge to see Matthew – and thank goodness I did. After four sessions I have a completely different mindset. Matthew explained things in a straight-forward, easy-to-understand way that made complete sense. I feel like I learned so much in such a short space of time.

Matthew was also able to work out which issues were causing me the most anxiety and helped me prioritise. I was able to genuinely put some things behind me that have been secretly troubling me for years – literally since my childhood. I feel so much more confident and clear about where I am going and what I need to do now to keep myself on track.

I enjoyed every session because I came out feeling lighter, clearer and happier than when I went in. This has been a wonderful experience and worth every penny – I only wish I’d sought help sooner! I whole-heartedly recommend Matthew: he listens and pays close attention; I felt completely safe because there was no judgement with anything I said; he explains clearly what is going on with my thoughts and feelings; and he shows how to deal with the issues in common-sense ways.

I genuinely feel like my best years are now ahead. I know I couldn’t have done this without Matthew. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

[Sarah, teacher, late 50’s, Altricham]


I only wish I’d had the courage to get help sooner.

For over a year I had been trying to get over an affair my wife had been having. I knew she wasn’t cheating anymore and I knew she was sorry but I was getting triggered all the time and couldn’t move on. My friends told me to leave her but I knew she had changed so I wanted to give it another go. I just had no self-confidence and even though she seemed to be getting to a good place herself I was in turmoil.

I had three sessions with Matt in all but my whole view of it all started to change right from the first session. I just seemed to come out with more clarity and more confidence in myself. After the second session my friends and family were commenting on how much more relaxed and happy I seemed. And that’s how I felt. Matt really helped organise my thoughts and helped me remember the best version of myself. After each session I felt empowered and like a fog had lifted.

My marriage feels stronger than ever and it’s still bizarre to me the transformation I have gone through. I would recommend Matt to everyone never mind what the issues are. He listens and explains what’s going on in your brain and body in such easy to understand terms. He helps you get control of your thoughts and feelings so you can make better decisions when it matters. I only wish I’d had the courage to get help sooner. It’s good to know if I ever need help with anything again I can go back and see Matt. Thanks Matt, what an amazing experience.

[Dave, Business manager, 48, Worsley]


Those three sessions have saved my life.

Before meeting Matt I was struggling with a bad addiction to smoking weed. I smoked pretty much every day for about 12 years. I wasn’t even enjoying it, it was just on my mind all the time. Every time I tried to quit I lasted about a week and then went back to it.

After just two sessions with Matt things were completely different. I didn’t even have any cravings anymore. I am writing this a month after our third session and I know I’m never going back to it. Matt helped me understand what was going on in my brain and made it really easy to understand. Then he helped me change things at a deeper level that just made it easy.

I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone. He listens and then gives you new ways of seeing things. Those three sessions have saved my life.

[Plumber, 28, Westhoughton]


I can honestly say I am in a completely different place, a place I thought I’d never reach…

After plucking up the courage to visit a counsellor, I can honestly say I am in a completely different place, a place I thought I’d never reach, which has benefited the whole family too.

I lost my beautiful son to cancer in November 2021, aged 34.  He was the eldest son with two younger brothers aged 29 and 21. After thinking about trying counselling for a while, I finally plucked up the courage in September 2022.  I remember feeling so nervous on my first appointment, I nearly turned back a few times. I really didn’t know what to expect and felt vulnerable opening up to a stranger. I can honestly say that right from the beginning, Matthew put me at ease, this helped me to open up and he had so much empathy, and made me feel comfortable about opening up. He gave me the tools I needed to manage my grief in a healthier way, which has in turn helped my family also.  After each session, I felt I was able to put in place the tools he gave me to manage day to day. 
I would highly recommend Matthew, he is an amazing person and I don’t think I would be where I am today without his help. Thank you Matthew.
[Carolyn, 56, Medical Secretary, Westhoughton]


After each session, I walked away with a lightened mood, feeling the problem does not feel impossible anymore.

I came to Matthew after not being able to shake off the impacts of a long-term stress (mood-swings, unusual behaviour patterns, generally not feeling great); even after the reasons for said stress got resolved. During our initial call, he was reassuring and encouraging that he can guide me through this problem, while we set out a brief plan.

Looking back, everything he outlined during that call came to fruition. Matt was very generous with his time, some sessions went all the way till 90 minutes, for the same rate as the 60 minutes ones, giving a great feel that he’s truly trying to resolve my problem in as few sessions as possible (I only needed three sessions altogether).  After each session, I walked away with a lightened mood, feeling the problem (various PTSD-like symptoms) I was not able to solve for so long on my own, does not feel impossible anymore.

If I find myself in a situation where I feel stuck in a rut or not able to understand why I’m not feeling the way I “should” be feeling given my external conditions, I will most definitely use Matt’s guidance again. From my limited experience with therapy, it seems it is about finding a good match. I would say for any problem-solvers or pragmatists Matt will be a great match.

[Adam, Trader, Geneva]


I feel equipped to manage my stresses and anxiety for the long term.

I am sitting writing this testimonial today after a very bad day. From start to finish today has been awful and has pushed me to breaking point however I have got through it mainly because of my sessions with Matthew. As today has thrown problem after problem at me I have had Matthews voice in my head helping guide me through. My sessions may have ended a few weeks ago however his sound advice and reason stays with me as if I had only spoken to him yesterday. This is how I know I have really benefitted from his sessions as I don’t feel temporally happier, I feel equipped to manage my stresses and anxiety for the long term.

I started to go and speak to Matthew after I went through a very bad period of stress, anxiety and intrusive thoughts. This is something that built over years but made worse through health worries about my toddler after some bad experiences and then intensified by the isolation of Covid lockdowns. I felt unable to control my emotions and thoughts. I felt alienated and was convinced something was very wrong with me as to why my mind was creating these thoughts.
When things really got on top of me is when I knew I had to speak to someone and acknowledging that was the first step to helping deal with it. From the first session with Matthew I started feeling better, he was upfront and honest about how it worked. He helped me understand my thoughts and that my imagination was in a bad habit. He enabled me to control it and view things in a more positive way. 
After 8 sessions I got to where I am today – sat here at the end of a bad day thinking, today was bad but I won!

[Working mum from St Helens in her late 20s]


Truly life changing experience

From the very first session, Matt has provided me with the skills and knowledge to turn my life around. Matt has helped me become the best version of myself and the advice he provided in the sessions not only positively affected my mental health but my physical well being too – having been a sufferer of a chronic disease.

Truly life changing experience.

Thanks again Matthew.

[Lucas, 34, Ellenbrook]


Working with Matthew has had a dramatic effect on my work and home life and both have improved drastically.

I always thought seeing someone was a sign of weakness, it wasn’t a man thing to do.  Matthew was very relaxing and listened to the issues that had been raised by others and concerns.

Matthew was very patient and listened while I got everything off my chest, then looked at each item individually and then we addressed them. By breaking them down, things were easy to address and understand.

 I had been advised to use the services of someone, due to work related stress. I had a poor work life balance, and was overly snappy and aggressive to people. I was also letting down my direct and extended family, not spending enough time with them.

I also wanted to understand why I do things, what triggers reactions and emotions in me. We discussed a wide range of things, not just the issue that that had been raised but growing up, direct and extended family.

We restructured my priorities and work life balance along with understanding emotions and stress. The relaxation technics that Matthew taught me were very useful, and I have used them multiple times since.

This has been massive and really eye opening for me. Working with Matthew has had a dramatic effect on my work and home life and both have improved drastically. I cant thank you enough.

[Mike, 38, Warrington]


I am now looking to the future with optimism…

I sought help from Matthew following a bereavement and physical health problems which had caused me to have long-term sickness from work.  At the time I was literally feeling like I had no future and would be unable to pick up my career again or indeed a future.  This led to extreme stress and anxiety which had begun to spiral out of control.  I was not sleeping, over-thinking and becoming quite depressed.

Matthew has helped me to isolate my problems and deal with them individually, something which I was struggling with.  I have since reduced my stress and anxiety levels and learned to relax more.  It’s still a job in progress but when I feel myself regressing, I’m able to bring my new-found coping mechanisms and knowledge to the forefront and manage my stress and anxiety before things get out of hand. I am now looking to the future with optimism and am returning to work next week.

Matthew has a no-nonsense, jargon-free approach which is practical and works quickly (I only had three sessions). I would highly recommend Matthew as a therapist.

[Joyce, Healthcare Professional, Wigan, UK]


I finally tried and thank goodness as it’s changed my whole life

For years I’ve gone round in circles with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, could never see any light at the end of tunnel or how any kind of therapy could work. I finally tried and thank goodness as it’s changed my whole life, I can’t thank Matthew enough for giving me the tools that’s changed my whole outlook on life and vision of myself, he is the most amazing human and I could not recommend him enough, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

[Sarah, support worker, Manchester]


I’m in a completely different place now

Over the past few years there have been a number of occasions where I’ve felt I should get some help with dealing with my anxieties but been too ashamed to do anything about it so I’ve carried on as best I could. This year when going through a particularly tough period I came across Matthew and I made contact. I knew after our first phone call I’d done the right thing and already felt such a relief.

I had a total two sessions with Matthew, that was all I needed to understand that I wasn’t a bad person, I wasn’t wrong for feeling how I did sometimes and how what I thought were my weaknesses were actually strengths. I’m in a completely different place now, sleeping better, more confident, I’m not putting myself down at every opportunity and I now understand my own worth and what’s important to me. 
I would recommend Matthew in a heartbeat to anyone.

[Mother of two, Manchester]


It’s worked, I’ve got my joy and energy back.

Before seeing Matthew, I was in a bad place, angry, stressed, swearing and shouting at my kids, cold sweats at night. Even from the first session I started to have a completely different perspective on everything. My stress levels have come down, I am now at ease, I am not shouting or swearing at my kids anymore, the cold sweats have stopped. My kids are now behaving well because Matthew explained a much better way of dealing with behaviour and I’m more at peace at home. It’s worked, I’ve got my joy and energy back. I know I can live my life now, I’m where I need to be going forward. It does the job.

[Steven Costello, single parent of three primary-age children, Manchester]


I really had lost a lot of hope but Matthew gave that back to me

I have waited a little while to write this testimonial as I wanted to fully reflect on the time I spent working with Matthew.  I went to Matthew because I was feeling so anxious on such a regular basis that I thought it would never stop.  I had also recently lost my brother to suicide and was dealing with what I now know to be PTSD like symptoms.  I was feeling so low at times because the thoughts and feelings I was having were scaring me and worsening my anxiety.

I had a total of three sessions with Matthew and he completely changed the narrative I had of my life. I was so confused and scared about the feelings that I was having and Matthew listened and simply explained why I was having these thoughts in a way that I could understand.  There was never any of what I call ‘psycho mumble jumble’, he talked in simple ways and gave me techniques and strategies to help manage my thoughts/anxiety.  I thought I was going to need at least ten sessions to help with the way I was feeling because I really had lost a lot of hope but Matthew gave that back to me.  I genuinely can not thank Matthew enough for the help he has given me and if there is anyone else that is suffering with the loss of a loved one, anxiety, continuous negative thoughts or simply feel like they just need a little bit of help then I would recommend Matthew to anyone.

Matthew truly has changed my life. Thank you.

[Melissa (24) – Retail assistant​]


Is this how other people feel?… Wow!

I have waited for a couple of days to complete this having left Matthew’s office feeling refreshed and positive (previous therapy – whilst much valued at the time – left me ‘wrung out’, depleted and emotionally frail). Three full days later I am still waiting to feel the ‘butterflies’ and sense that I might have to swallow down a tearful surge at any moment; these have accompanied me for years.

I have returned to work from holidays, turned down extra clients and slept without nightmares. Conscious that this sounds extreme, I am not feeling at all evangelical; just quietly grateful and consistently pondering ‘Is this how other people feel?… Wow!

I feel privileged to have happened upon human givens through ‘Running the Red Line’. I have taken my time to search further and let the notion that what HG talks of is totally at one with my own thoughts about ‘a whole person’, my own experiences and in my work as a teacher (30 years). Matthew’s detailed profile information shared enough to chime with me, his manner was kind, professional and clear at every point. Matthew consistently and gently clarified points to ensure that I focussed on specific, present aims and left the session with these having been addressed and strategies to try.

[Teacher, in her 50’s, Greater Manchester.]


I realised that since my first session, I had been way less anxious

I sought out therapy about 7 months after having my first child, I had always had anxiety but after having my son, I realised that my anxiety was starting to get a bit out of control and impacting my day to day life and relationship with my son and partner. I wanted to find a way to get my anxiety under control and find out what caused it.

I had two sessions with Matthew, the first one I spoke about how my anxiety manifested and why certain situations triggered it. Matthew also gave me techniques for managing the anxiety when it happened. The second session, was a few months later (life kept getting in the way!) and I realised that since my first session, I had been way less anxious and when things that used to trigger me occurred I was managing and dealing with the stress meaning I wasn’t having the same anxiety attacks/spikes as I used to. 
I found learning and understanding the reasons behind my triggers and how my brain was actually processing my emotions really helpful as it meant I could understand what was happening when I started to feel anxious and process those emotions in a healthy way. 
Matthew made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the sessions and I would highly recommend him to anyone who was looking to get help dealing with anxiety.
[Rebecca, Project Manager, Manchester, UK]


I was very grateful. Highly recommended.

I found the sessions very helpful and from the outset felt at ease. I very quickly felt a positive impact after just the first session.   

The approach was caring and thoughtful and helped me gain insight into areas where changes would make the most difference. I was very grateful. Highly recommended.

[Solicitor in her forties, Manchester]


Reaching out for professional help can be a difficult step…

Reaching out for professional help can be a difficult step to take but Matthew has helped to provide a starting point to move forward from to a situation that had become unresolvable.

I can highly recommend Matthew, he has a very easy, approachable way.

[Janet, hairdresser, Manchester]


I have been able to “let go” of all of the things that have been troubling me

I saw Matt because of deep seated resentment issues towards my husband, coupled with painful memories from my childhood.

I was on a loop in my head and mentally exhausted, having nightmares and feeling extremely low. I now know that I have been slipping in and out of depression for years.

After seeing Matt for just three sessions, I have been able to “let go” of all of the things that have been troubling me. He taught me some powerful techniques which enabled me to achieve inner peace. I am starting to enjoy life again. Matt helped my husband and I to save our marriage. We are now talking to each other and looking forward to a bright future together.

I would highly recommend seeing Matt as a therapist. His kind and gentle approach made me feel that I was in very safe hands.

[Teacher, mid fifties, Manchester, UK.]


…after only two sessions, my world view was completely changed

After a lifetime of living with anger issues, I assumed that this was just my personality. When things came to a head and my anger brought me to the edge of losing everything, I knew I had to get help.

I had my own preconceptions of therapy and assumed a long and painful process. Matt’s ‘Human Givens’ approach proved this to be totally wrong. The effect was essentially instant and after only two sessions, my world view was completely changed.

Talking with Matt was easy and down to earth and the whole process was incredibly simple. His explanations of why I was feeling this way and strategies for dealing with those feelings brought huge clarity to me.

I simply cannot recommend Matt and his approach highly enough.

[Brian, Electronics engineer, Manchester]


I personally recommend Matthew’s curious and kind approach…

After several courses of [different] therapy and an intense period with a crisis team, I needed short-term support to alleviate strong emotions and stress levels whilst trying to remedy my situation. After a couple of open assessment sessions [with Matthew], I only needed one more session to walk away with focused tools and confidence to face my upcoming challenges. I personally recommend Matthew’s curious and kind approach, leaving each session in a state of utter relaxation.

[Mike, 35, Creative Professional, Manchester]


I had previously tried counselling with no effect

After suffering with anxiety, low self-esteem and intrusive thoughts due to fertility difficulties, work stress and grieving the loss of my mother I sought help from Matthew.  I had previously tried counselling with no effect, but as I was really struggling, I thought I would try again with a different counsellor.  I am so glad I did as now I recognize the importance of finding the right counsellor for you and feel this is the key to making a difference.

Matthew made me feel comfortable from the very first session and was always encouraging and non-judgmental.  His logical and insightful approach in stress and emotional management helped me gain tools I could understand and use successfully in my daily life.  I am extremely thankful to Matthew as I now feel confident and positive in my ability to deal with stressful and negative situations going forward. He has given me the means to manage my stress and enabled me to become more emotionally intelligent and self-confident.

I would highly recommend him to anyone as a supportive ear through difficult times.

[A veterinary nurse in her thirties, Manchester, UK]


I think this is going to help me to be happier and healthier day to day

What I liked most about it was I felt that Matthew understood how I felt completely, but was able to help me alter my mindset, so I then felt as if I was in control of that, so I feel confident and more in control outside of the sessions which is when it really matters!

I have drawn on conversations and techniques from the therapy most days and it is helping me to change how I view and deal with situations that would usually take full control of me! I think this is going to help me to be happier and healthier day to day and have more time to enjoy life.

Initially, I booked the sessions to overcome a phobia that had played a big role in my life and by the third session it seemed quite insignificant.
Going into it, I was unsure what to expect, but I found the sessions really valuable. The therapy helps you start to see things differently. It almost sneaks up on you! There’s no pressure and Matthew puts you at ease straight away.

[A lady in her thirties, Manchester]


I feel better equipped to deal with bad times, yet enjoy the good times, the here and now!

When I started these sessions with Matthew I wasn’t optimistic, but thought I might as well give it a try. I had never heard of the ‘Human Givens’ approach before but did some reading beforehand. I have tried different types of therapy before such as CBT and counselling and didn’t benefit from either, as it didn’t give me practical tools to use.

During the last 20 years of my life, I have lived alongside bouts of anxiety and depression, no reasons for it, it was just there and would creep upon me. I felt I was genetically predisposed to feeling this way. During my sessions I was given support on how to deal with these thoughts, feelings and black and white thinking. I put these into practice, again not thinking it will work. I was surprised, very surprised.

The sessions were always led my me and Matthew was guided by what my concerns were around that week. I needed to know why this was happening to me, was my brain wired differently than others? Matthew explained at my level of understanding what was happening and why, it made so much sense and after only a couple of sessions, it clicked, it really did.

All I can say is that I didn’t believe it would work for me as I felt different, but I was given the correct tools to challenge this. I realised that we are all different and have different experiences but there is hope for everyone and that I just sit with my feeling ……nothing is permanent, both the bad times and the good times. I feel better equipped to deal with bad times, yet enjoy the good times, the here and now! Thanks Matthew, this has been a great and eye-opening experience.

Try it, you may and will be surprised, even if its deep rooted and chronic, just like mine it could work. Matthew is approachable and explains things in such a practical way.

[Lindsey, Manchester]


changed the way I deal with difficult situations

After seeking therapy for a phobia I have had for many years, seeing Matt has really helped. I found talking through different scenarios and utilising the coping and breathing strategies given has changed the way I deal with difficult situations. I would highly recommend Matt.

[Student, aged 17]


He has really helped them to transform their lives

Matt has recently helped a number of my athletes and colleagues with both running, racing and stress related issues.  He has acted with the upmost confidentiality, professionalism and empathy. He has really helped them to transform their lives.  I would definitely recommend Matt to help you.

[Dr Ian Grime, Level 3 Senior Endurance and Conditioning Coach]


…took the anxiety and fear out of the situation

Matthew listened. He listened and understood what I said then used great skill and judgment to help me understand my situation in a different way. A way that took the anxiety and fear out of the situation. I would highly recommend Matthew.

[Helen, Manchester]


…it has put me in the right direction!

After just one session I’ve been doing so much better and seeing things a lot more clearly. There’s still work to do but I’m happy we had our chat as it has put me in the right direction!

Thanks for all your help 🙂

[Male teacher, Vietnam]