With ‘mental health’ being far more talked about these days, we are all starting to recognise the importance of gaining greater understanding both on a personal but also an organisational level.

Unfortunately, there is so much misunderstanding and misinformation, sometimes doing more harm than good. Because of this lack of clarity, organisations can end up paying lip service to the topic and introducing tick-box exercises rather than knowing how to bring about real improvements for everybody.

If you want guidance and a clear explanation of what is truly worth knowing, I can provide that for you. If you are genuinely interested in lowering the stress levels and increasing the emotional intelligence of your organisation, please get in touch. Whether you are focusing on the bottom-line profit margins, improving how people communicate more effectively or the well-being of the individuals who make up the organisation, you can expect to see many unintended knock-on improvements.

In-house Meditation Sessions

Alternatively, if you or your team are open-minded and interested in something a bit different for your CPD, this could be for you. Learning how to meditate effectively and why it is important proves to be truly life-changing for some. I can teach everything you need to know to get started, including the most up-to-date scientific findings. I can deliver bespoke meditation sessions, whether you require them on a regular basis, or as a one-off ‘taster’.

Please get in touch if you are curious.