What to expect

What to expect

I offer one-to-one confidential sessions in person or online. For sessions in person, I use a quiet, spacious room in a modern office in Leigh, off the Greyhound Island – easily accessed from the A580. [Office address: Lloyd House, Orford Court, Green Fold Way, Leigh, WN7 3XJ]

Whether meeting in-person or online, you can expect:

• To be heard and understood.
• The session to focus on the issues that matter to you.
• To gain greater understanding and awareness without the psychobabble.
• To learn new skills and coping strategies for life.
• Relief from trauma.
• A session tailored to you as an individual.
• Expert knowledge relevant to your needs.
• The most effective therapeutic techniques available.
• A high quality, professional and ethical service.
• A positive and valuable experience.
• To leave each session feeling better than when you arrived.

I work from a highly ethical standpoint where my aim is to help you as effectively and quickly as possible. That is why we take one session at a time – I will never charge you for a block booking.

Sessions generally last between 60 and 90 minutes.

I work with all people, from school age up to old-age pensioners.

Please contact for your free consultation.